Der stinkende Schuh der nicht auf den Markt kam!

12. Mai 2016

Der stinkende Schuh der nicht auf den Markt kam! Bitte unbedingt teilen und verbreiten. Reebok kann auf keinen Kunden verzichten! Die jüdischen Repräsentanten haben den 68er Bogen überspannt! Die weltweit 1,8 Milliarden muslimischen Menschen, potenzielle [lesen]

#IsraelSaudi: A Match Made in Hell

12. Mai 2016

by Alli McCracken – Raed Jarrar For decades, Saudi Arabia has been a stalwart advocate of Palestinian statehood rights and a voracious critic of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. Saudi Arabia’s [lesen]

The Anti-Semite’s Best Friend

12. Mai 2016

by Jonathan Cook Nazareth. It was an assessment no one expected from the deputy head of the Israeli military. In his Holocaust Day speech last week, Yair Golan compared current trends in Israel with Germany [lesen]

Masters of Mankind: the Costs of Violence

12. Mai 2016

by Noam Chomsky [This piece, the second of two parts, is excerpted from Noam Chomsky’s new book, Who Rules the World? (Metropolitan Books). Part 1 can be found by clicking here.] In brief, the Global War on Terror [lesen]


4. April 2016

Why Land Day still matters Today, with no resolution in sight to the historic injustices inflicted upon them, Palestinians in Israel and elsewhere use this day to remember and redouble their efforts for emancipation. By [lesen]

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