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Evelyn Hecht-Galinski

We Won`t Stop Filming We Won`t Stop Writing By Gideon Levy

18. Juni 2018

Resest is to Exist Gideon Levyn will not stop writing Opinion // We Won’t Stop Filming, We Won’t Stop Writing The Knesset could act not just against the press, but against human rights groups [lesen]

Anthony Bourdain: The Only Mensch on Gaza By Juan Cole

10. Juni 2018

Anthony Bourdain: The Only Mensch on Gaza Anthony Bourdain was the only major American celebrity who succeeded in depicting publicly the Palestinians as rational, caring human beings rather than as irrationally angry „inciters“ to violence. [lesen]

Gaza is Israel`s Soweto By Robert Wintemute

23. Mai 2018

Gaza is Israel’s Soweto Police or soldiers fire live ammunition at unarmed protesters demanding equal rights, killing or seriously injuring many: Sharpeville, South Africa, 21 March 1960; Soweto, South Africa, 16 June 1976; Gaza, Israeli-controlled [lesen]

We Are All Palestinians Now By Gilad Atzmon

17. Mai 2018

„We Are All Palestinians Now“ By Minister John Shuck Anti-Semite Holocaust Denier Conspiracy Theorist People are beginning to awaken to the fact that the name-calling is connected to the violent oppression. The name-calling and [lesen]

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