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Evelyn Hecht-Galinski

The March to Jerusalem By Gilad Atzmon

14. März 2018

The March to Jerusalem When I was a young Israeli I learned from our leading military leaders that Israel was not afraid of wars. They said „we know how to deal with tanks, infantry, airplanes. [lesen]

A Cartoon Israel does not want to see!

5. März 2018

A CARTOON ISRAEL DOES NOT WANT YOU TO SEE REPOST THIS …. MAKE IT GO VIRAL! After a Danish paper published this caricature, the Israeli ambassador to Denmark condemned it, asked for it to be [lesen]

Norman Finkestein on Gaza`s Matyrdom (1/4)

23. Februar 2018

Norman Finkelstein on Gaza’s Martyrdom (1/4) In his groundbreaking new book „Gaza: An Inquest into Its Martyrdom,“ Norman Finkelstein argues that Israel, with U.S. backing, has caused a „humanitarian disaster“ in Gaza, and that international [lesen]

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