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Evelyn Hecht-Galinski

Minority Life in Israel

1. November 2014

By RULA JEBREAL   My mother, Zakia, was so proud that my sister and I spoke better Hebrew than Arabic. Osman, my father, believed that by achieving the highest levels of education, we would one day [lesen]

Jerusalem and Athens

18. Oktober 2014

Jerusalem and Athens: On Gilad Atzmon’s Book „The Wandering Who“ and the Reactions Anis Hamadeh, October 4, 2014   Gilad Atzmon’s book „The Wandering Who“ about Jewish identity politics has, since its publication three years [lesen]

How I Stopped Being a Jew by Shlomo Sand (an extract)

12. Oktober 2014

  Gilad Atzmon • This is an edited extract from How I Stopped Being a Jew by Shlomo Sand, published by Verso During the first half of the 20th century, my father abandoned Talmudic [lesen]

Academic civility and its discontents

10. Oktober 2014

by Joseph Massad The Electronic Intifada The charge of incivility has invariably functioned since the nineteenth century and through the present as a form of racial and class denouncement, both in Western Europe and the [lesen]

Why do Jews not stand up against Hatred?

24. September 2014

On Friday, September 19, there were demonstrations and rallies against hatred and injustice all over Germany. The demonstrators wanted to call up for peace and extremism. It was very praiseworthy how four of the German [lesen]

The Fate of the Gaza Ceasefire

11. September 2014

Noam Chomsky and Tom Engelhardt, September 10, 2014 Originally posted at TomDispatch. Is there nowhere on the face of the Earth where opinion polls aren’t taken? In the wake of the 50-day Israeli assault on [lesen]

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