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Evelyn Hecht-Galinski


7. August 2014

by Noam Chomsky Almost every day brings news of awful crimes, but some are so heinous, so horrendous and malicious, that they dwarf all else. One of those rare events took place on July 17, [lesen]

Antisemitism campaign as a diversionary tactics!

7. August 2014

It is Saturday, July, 26, and I sitting here almost paralized, enraged and full of sadness about the German reality. The “Jewish state” is committing genocide and war crimes. Regardless of the Muslim and Christian [lesen]

Alice Miller in Gaza

7. August 2014

by Anis Hamadeh The researcher Alice Miller became worldwide known for her investigations of childhood traumas. A dozen of her books is translated into thirty languages. Miller shows the mechanisms, with which victims can turn [lesen]

Jewish volunteers for racial supremacy in Palestine

5. August 2014

by Joseph Massad The European Christian fight for anti-Semitism was always a fight to grant Christians superior rights to Jews and to institutionalize that superiority as racial and religious supremacy. In response, the European Jewish [lesen]

Egypt’s propagandists and the Gaza massacre

31. Juli 2014

Joseph Massad The Electronic Intifada 29 July 2014 As Israel’s murderous machine inflicts terror and death on the Palestinian people with the collaboration of the US government and its principal Arab allies, not least of [lesen]

“Gaza is a graveyard,” sing joyful Israeli youths

31. Juli 2014

 Ali Abunimah’s blog In her latest post, my colleague Rania Khalek makes reference to “a new racist chant mocking the more than two hundred children slaughtered by Israel’s merciless bombing campaign in Gaza: ‘Tomorrow there’s [lesen]

Humanize Palestine

29. Juli 2014

by Mazin Qumsiyeh   The holiday at the end of Ramada brings mixed feelings and we could sense this here in Bethlehem on the faces of our Muslim neighbors, friends and colleagues. They tell us [lesen]

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