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Evelyn Hecht-Galinski

Charlie Hebdo and the Profiteers of Tragedy

10. Januar 2015

by Justin Raimondo At this point, the justified expressions of outrage and the paeans to the dead have long surpassed the need for duplication. What remains is to ask, with the cold clarity of an [lesen]

Henry Kissinger’s world view of the Middle East

3. Januar 2015

By As’ad AbuKhalil – Wed, 2014-12-31 16:24- Angry Corner In his new book “World Order,” Henry Kissinger reveals the extent to which classical Orientalism lives on the mindset and worldviews of thinkers, writers, journalists, and [lesen]

Minority Life in Israel

1. November 2014

By RULA JEBREAL   My mother, Zakia, was so proud that my sister and I spoke better Hebrew than Arabic. Osman, my father, believed that by achieving the highest levels of education, we would one day [lesen]

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