Crimes against the Palestinians Are finally Called ‘Crimes’

By Hasan Afif El-Hasan

Unlike the political elites and Zionist activists, Western public had not known or cared much about the Zionist project in Palestine before the establishment of Israel. Only after the birth of Israel, devout Christians and many Zionist Jews and secular intellectuals activated the call for sympathy with the European Jews to have a secured national home not in Europe where they had been ill-treated but in distant Palestine, and ignored the immorality and injustice of colonizing it. They knew Palestine was populated by a community that had nothing to do with the Jews suffering in Europe, but they perpetuated the Zionists big lie of “land without people for people without land” to reshape world opinion in support of Israel. Instead of describing the establishment of Israel as European colonization of a country and the ethnic cleansing of a nation, they focused on the “plight of Jews” in Europe.

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