Delinking the Palestinians

Joseph Massad

by Josef Massad

Since the more recent third Palestinian uprising started in early October, there has been a rush by different Arab countries and intellectuals to legitimize their good relations with, and their love for, Israel.

With the Palestinian uprising refusing to abate in November, panic set in among the Arab anti-Palestinian camp, which has gained considerable ground across the Arab world since the 1978 Egypt-Israel Camp David accords, precipitating a rush by Arab governments and their pundits to delink Arabs and Muslims from the Palestinians.

On 1 November, the Egyptian government, in addition to being one of the two jailers of 1.8 million Palestinians in Gaza, voted openly and for the first time ever in favor of Israel at the United Nations when it supported the latter’s bid for membership of the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.

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Why Liberalism Needs Islam

September 11th, 2015RESET+

EVERY FOUR OR FIVE YEARS, Ayaan Hirsi Ali writes a book telling the world about the horrors of Islam. In her latest installment, Heretic, Hirsi Ali rightly feels the need to justify why another such book is in order. Apparently, she now has a bit more hope for the future of Islam. As she explains, “When I wrote my last book, Nomad, I believed that Islam was beyond reform, that perhaps the best thing for religious believers in Islam to do was to pick another god. Seven months after I published Nomad came the start of the Arab Spring […] I was wrong. Ordinary Muslims are ready for change.”

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