Song of Comradery! For Jeremy Karodia – Song by Haidar Eid

By Haidar Eid

As my brother and comrade Jeremy Karodia of The Mavr!x has been on my mind for while, I couldn’t think of anything that would lift his spirit than art! Salah Jahin’s lyrics of Pain and Loss, of Appearance Vs. Reality are the best that could describe what this hero of mine is going through. He has always felt that his freedom was not enough as long as Palestine is not free. I wish I could be with him now!

One of Jeremy’s best songs is The New Black, the first ever musical collaboration between South Africa and Palestine, where the South African band, The Mavrix, and Palestinian Oud player, Mohammed Omar, released a music video comparing the struggle against Apartheid and the Palestinian resistance against Zionism.

– Haidar Eid is an author and associate Professor at Al-Aqsa University in Gaza. He contirbuted this article to

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