Wenn zionistische Hetze im nichts verhallt Von Ali Chaukair

24. April 2018

Wenn zionistische Hetze im Nichts verhallt Sie hetzen, verleumden, interessieren sich nicht für Gesetze und bleiben dabei unbehelligt. Die Thénardiers des deutschen Erzzionismus, Björn Stritzel[1] und Antje Schippmann[2], attackieren in einer bisher einmaligen Form die [lesen]

Freiheit für Ahed Tamimi

23. April 2018

ISRAEL’S RIGHT CONTINUES ITS FIGHT AGAINST AHED TAMIMI VIA ‘NEW’ VIDEO New it’s NOT ….. but here it is Pretty pathetic I must say Here’s the reason behind Ahed’s actions… Here’s what the ‘wrongful right’ [lesen]

Dying for the Truth in Gaza Desertpeace

23. April 2018

DYING FOR THE TRUTH IN GAZA ….. Yaser Murtaja was shot and killed while filming the second Great Return March which he was documenting with colleagues at عين ميديا Ain Media. This documentary was in [lesen]

False Flag over Syria Report by Mazin Qumsiyeh

17. April 2018

FALSE FLAGS OVER SYRIA Trump and his partners in (war) crimes UK/France decided to raise the body count in war-torn Syria, striking Damascus and guaranteeing that this long, savage imperialist conflict will remain claiming Syrian [lesen]

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